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Research title : Market Potential Of E-Learning For Workers in Bekasi Industrial Area
Researcher : Indra Muis
Keywords : E-Learning, Market Potential, Industrial Area

In line with ASEAN Economic Community 2015 and globalization era every nation committed to the agreement needs to strengthen its competitive advantage, importantly in its Human Resources aspect. This is due to the agreement on free flows of capital, goods, services, and labor in South East Asian Region.

Bekasi as an industrial, service and trading oriented city has 4.000 multinational companies in some industrial areas. One of the industrial areas is Jababeka Industrial Park. There are 1.500 companies from 30 countries operating in this area. There are 600.000 workers working in those companies. 71% of the workers or 426.000 are senior and junior high school graduates.  It is estimated 1% of the number (4.260) are those who are studying in universities or any other higher education institutions in Bekasi

Those who are studying in universities find it difficult to follow course schedules due to various working shift time they have. 100 responden say that they have problems in managing working and studying time.

100 respondens also say that they prefer to major in industrial competence such as Management, Accounting, Tax, Industrial Engineering and Computer. With a hope they can be promoted to higher position as soon as they graduate.


Another type of questioner is handed into 100 respondents who do not study in the university to find out some answers related to the research questions. 21% respondents are aware of E-Learning Program but they do not know campuses in Bekasi applying e-learning in their curriculum.

67% respondents believe that they will find it difficult to study with e-learning methods. They, however, agree that e-learning brings benefits to them.

About the school fee they say that tuition fee per semester ranges from Rp. 2.000.000 to Rp. 3.000.000. The amount is affordable for them.


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