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Research title : Banana Trunk: From Fiber to Paper
Researcher : Indra Muis
Keywords :

It is undeniable that papers are very important in people’s lives. They deal with paper products from the time they start and finish the day.

It is also undeniable that the products made of papers result in the activities of deforestation. Paper companies obtain the raw materials from forests by means of exploiting the richness of tree resources in the forests. This situation happens almost in every country which has an abundance of tree resources. As a result of the deforestation, there is an imbalance of natural cycles that bring about disaster like landslides, drought, mobility disorder of the animals, etc.

It is widely known that papers are made of fibers. Trees are not the only material that contains fibers. There are a lot of plants that produce fibers. They are banana trunk, enceng gondok (Eichhornia crassipes), ilalang (Imperata cylindrical) etc. Since the plants are full of fibers, papers are able to be produced from those plants.

There are some home industries that manufacture papers from the fibers of the plants. One of them is CV. Shuhuf Kertas Seni that is located Jl. Curug Dago No 7 RT 02 RW 08 Bandung. This home industry has been in paper recycling and manufacturing since in 1998. It has 10 employees who are managed by Mrs Imas Komariyah. It manufactures papers to create artistic handy-craft like tissue box, paper bags, corporate souvenirs, book cover, wrappers, etc.

This paper is to explain the manufacturing process of paper making based on my observation on business activities than Shuhuf Kertas seni has run. Besides, it also discusses the marketing activities it has done so far based on my depth interview with Mrs Imas Komariyah on 10th October 2014.


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