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Research title : Minat Mahasiswa dan Lulusan D3 untuk Melanjutkan Pendidikan ke Jenjang S1
Researcher : Lucia Ari Diyani, Sugiyatni
Keywords : Interest, Aspect of Economy, Aspect of Supporting System, Self-conceptt

This research aims to measure the interest of D3 students and graduates in continuing  their study to the Bachelor level (S1 level), as well as to measure the factors influencing  this interest. Respondents are Bina Insani students and alumni, class of 2007-2011, from existing programs of Accountancy, Office Management, Secretary and Information Technology.  Respondents’ interest is measured againts 6 aspects. Result shows that the average respondents, with an average value of 88.54%, has high interest to continue their study to S1 level. The highest ranking interest is influenced by the aspect of economy, which measured 96,30%. The second is the aspect of supporting system, which measured 92,54%. The third is self- concept which is 90,53%. The fourth is employment, 87,96%. The fifth is education, 86,32%. And the last one, which is the sixth, is the environment, measured  77,01%.


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