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Research title : Analisis Kinerja Keuangan Berdasarkan Laporan Realisasi Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah (Studi Kasus pada Pemerintah Kabupaten Pemalang dan Pekalongan Periode 2010-2014) || Konferensi Ilmiah Akuntansi IV; ISBN 978-602-70083-4-2; 2-3 Maret 2017; Hal. 165
Researcher : Muhammad Syaiful Basri, Natalia Titik Wiyani
Keywords : Budget, budget income, financial performance, achievement budget

This study aims to know the achievement of budget, financial performance income and shopping district Pemalang and Pekalongan period 2010-2014. This research is a descriptive study quantitative the research trying to said troubleshooting by using the numbers from of data collection, interpretation of the data and appearances from the result. Data collection techniques used in this study using techniques documentation and book study. Data used is secondary data form of the report the realization of budget (LRA) local government district Pemalang and Pekalongan 2010-2014. The results showed that the performance of the financial income district Pemalang and Pekalongan in general can be said to be good, though the level of the degrees decentralization still less and dependence of the Cental government still high. For the financial performance shopping area in general can be said to be good, but in harmony shopping not occur balance between shopping operation with capital expenditures.


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