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Research title : Kinerja Keuangan Klub-Klub Sepak Bola Di Liga Inggris || FPTVI 2017; ISBN 978-602-74954-1-8; 9 Februari 2017
Researcher : Huda Aulia Rahman, Lucia Ari Diyani
Keywords : Altman’s Z-Score, Financial Performance, Financial Ratio, Football Club

This research aims to analyze the financial performance of English football Clubs. This research examined six biggest football clubs in Premier League: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur. The financial performance of football clubs are measured using financial ratios that can be applied to the football industry. In addition to financial ratio analysis, this research also using Altman’s Z-Score Modification method to analyze the potential bankruptcy of the clubs. The results of this research conclude that Arsenal is a football club with the best financial performance in the Premier League, especially in liquidation ratio and the ability to manage the finances to buy the football players. Liverpool is a club with the worst financial performance, in terms of both financial ratios and Altman’s Z-Score. Before making a decision to invest in a football club, investors need to evaluate the financial condition of the football clubs based on financial ratio and the z-score of the clubs.


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